How much is my doctor?
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David Mazza, Md - probably inexpensive
7 Lexington Avenue, Suite 3

Boyan Hadjiev, M.D. - probably inexpensive
30 E 40th St, Suite 1101

Paul Ehrlich, Md - probably inexpensive
35 East 35th St, #202

Hale Yarmohammadi, M.D. - probably inexpensive
404 Park Ave S, 12th Floor

Clifford Bassett, Md - probably expensive
381 Park Ave S,

Frederick Ast, Md - probably expensive
35 E 30th St, Ste 1a

Jeffrey Ahn, M.D. - probably expensive
45 Park Ave, 1st Fl.

Nathan Saint-amand, M.D. - probably inexpensive
121 E 60th St, #4c

Carol Baum, M.D. - probably inexpensive
620 Columbus Ave., 2nd Floor Ent And Allergy Associates Llp,

Katherine Bloom, M.D. - probably inexpensive
1 Gustave L Levy Pl, Box 1089, Room 11-20

Shradha Agarwal, Md - probably expensive
5 East 98th Street, 11th Floor

Elena Resnick, Md - probably expensive
5 E 98th St,

Kiran Shah, M.D - probably very expensive
1901 1st Ave, Department Of Pediatrics

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